Privatdozent Dr. med. habil. Holger Jastrow,
Specialist in Anatomy,
Kotthaushang 22,
45239 Essen-Heidhausen, Germany
Phone: ++49 201 4749893
location of buisiness: Kotthaushang 22, D-45239 Essen-Heidhausen, Germany
owner: PD Dr. med. Holger Jastrow
phone: 0201 4749893
court of jurisdiction: Essen
chamber of commerce: IHK Essen
community ID of buisiness location: 05113000
no sales tax number
not listed in register of commerce

use of third party images:
use of images of the visible human project was granted in an approved license agreement with the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, U.S.A. from october 1997.
Written agreements including permission of commercial use are present for all commercially used images kindly provided by colleagues.

Data protection policy