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A very comprehensive atlas of human gross anatomical sections basing on the high-resolution rescanned visible human male sections providing the corresponding CT- and MR-images, animations thereof as well as of 3D-reconstructions, X-ray images and a vocabulary of macroscopic anatomy. More than 290 of the transverse original pictures shown next to the appropriate radiological images are labelled in great detail.
The atlas consists of a set of a DVD with about 4 GB of data. It can be used with any common www browser and is a further development of the internet atlas of human sections published in Deutsches Ärzteblatt (Deutsches Ärzteblatt 95, Heft 36B: 1726-1727 [04.09.1998] & Supplement: Praxis Computer 4/1998: 6-8. Article in PDF format) and a paper published in Clinical Anatomy (Volume 15, Issue 6: 402-408 (12.10.2002). Abstract).
The shown 1,878 digital original sections have a point resolution of 0.14 x 0.14 mm and an intersectional distance of 1 mm. They derive from the visible human male dat set of the Visible Human Project of the National Library of Medicine of the USA. The atlas contains all available radiological images as bone and soft-tissue Computer Tomography images (CT), nuclear magnetic resonance tomography images (MRT) in proton density, T1 and T2 in the original sizes (CT maximal 500 x 500 pixels; NMR max. 256 x 256 pixels). They are shown next the original sections for ease of correlation of radiological and anatomical structures. Further all pages of individual sections are linked to the preceding and following section, the animation overview page, the page with the section labelled (if available), the overview of regions and the index page of the atlas as well as to the vocabulary of gross anatomy. The latter covers over 800 terms and explains them in English and German. Over 327 animations of sequences of sections in all 3 anatomical planes, details in higher resolution, CT and MRT sequences as well as 3D-reconstructions are linked to appropriate overview pages. They give a three-dimensional virtual picture helpful for understanding topographical relationships. More than 290 sections were chosen according to clinical relevance and labelled in greatest possible detail. The atlas further includes all available X-ray images of the visible human male.
pages explaining the use of the atlas
To access these pages, use the following link, please:
internet demo version:
The atlas is provided in the WWW in a reduced manner: X-ray images and most animations are omitted, remaining animations are shown in reduced size and quality and the resolution and quality of images is very considerably reduced.
To access the demo version, click on the following link, please:
Information sheet (pdf):
Further information with technical details is available as pdf document on:
Who can benefit from the atlas?
The professional version of the atlas is most appropriate for institutiones like universities, high-schools and schools especially those involved in health care instruction. By installation into a password protected intranet those who teach and those who learn may access excellet, very comprehensive, and illustratively presented material which is very helpful to gain a realistic three-dimensional picture of all structures in macroscopic anatomy. The very extensive amount of radiological images which is shown next to original sections is of great value for everybody who wants to teach or learn Radiology.
Demo pages in high resolution (Click on the images, please)
1. Selection of pages with original sections
original section + CT and MRI
this section with labelling
central detail
accurately labelled section of the thorax
section of the pelvis
this section labelled
2. Pages providing animations of sequences of original sections
a. complete sections
animation in
and quality

start with a
click on the
image on the

right >>
takes 4 seconds !
axial, i.e. transverse sections
frontal sections
sagittal sections
b. detail views on organs and structures
Caput & Neurocranium 
Pelvis, Membra superioria et inferioria 
Orbita, Larynx, Thorax, Abdomen 
female pelvis & centre of the skull 
c. three-dimensional animations (360° turn of transparent blocs of original sections or reconstructed structures)
Knochen, Orbita
Caput - Cingulum
Cingulum - Abdomen
Abdomen - Pes
d. computer tomographies (bone & soft-tissue)
CT bone
CT soft tissue
e. nuclear magnetic resonance tomographies (MRT in protone density - T1 - T2)
Caput, Collum, Cingulum
Thorax, Abdomen, Pelvis, Femures
Femures, Genua, Crura, Pedes
3. X-Ray images

4. Vocabulary of macroscopic anatomy

For any questions or a personal offer please address to:
Privatdozent Dr. med. Holger Jastrow,
specialist in anatomy,
Kotthaushang 22,
D-45239 Essen-Heidhausen,
Phone: ++49 201 4749893
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