Homo sapiens dissecatus
The dissected human
Visible Human male - Sectiones transversales
transverse sections of the Visible Human male

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Editor: Dr. H. Jastrow
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general information:
To use this atlas you need a web browser. Pages are optimized for use with a screen resolution of 1,600 x 1,200 pixels.
The navigation is managed by symbols in order to be independent of language. It is explained on the linked pages (1-5). Inevitable annotations are in Latin or English.
The digitized cross-sections base on high-resolution rescans of the original films taken from the visible human male sections. One pixel of these 24-Bits of colour images represents an area of 0.14 x 0.14 mm of an original section and the distance between the sections is 1 mm. The compressed RAW image data files were kindly provided by the National Library of Medicine (U.S.A.) as well as the corresponding 16-Bits of grey Computer tomography (CT) and nuclear magnetic resonance tomography images (MRI). Original MRI in the orientation of the sections (transverse) were provided only for head & neck. MRI in other regions were calculated from data provided in the frontal plane.
All images were trimmed and are provided as optimised 24-Bits of colour compressed JPEG files (maximum quality = professional-, high quality = student- and low quality = www-version of the atlas).
All original sections and CT/MRI were cleaned from artefacts as far as possible. Missing sections and parts of structures destroyed by sectioning were carefully reconstructed.
All available CT/MRI are shown in original resolution next to the sections with best correspondence. Pages with digitized original sections provide them in a size adapted to the screen in order to allow viewing of the radiological images as well. By clicking the 100% symbol the digital sections are shown as graphics in the resolution in which they are offered. It depends on the version of the atlas: original resolution - professional version, 60% - student version, 30% - www version. This also applies to the labelled sections.
Every attempt was made to label as many structures as possible and reasonable according to the anatomical nomenclature (Terminologia anatomica) and to provide correct information, however any liability for eventual errors or incompleteness is rejected. Labelling is being continued for all sections. If you should encounter any imperfections notify me via E-mail, please.
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