Homo sapiens dissecatus
The dissected human
Visible Human male - Sectiones transversales
transverse sections of the Visible Human male

of use
Editor: Dr. H. Jastrow
Information and instructions in English 
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The headline gives the dataset (male or female) and the orientation. The terms explained now are visible between the animated sections:
Homo sapiens dissecatus means atlas of human sections
Visible Human male - Sectiones transversales tells us, that the transverse (axial) sections shown in this atlas derive from the Visible Human Project (VHP). The editor and author is H. Jastrow
A click on"? Info" calls up the main information page allowing to choose the language in which you want to get the instruction pages of the atlas.
A click on "Conditiones pro utilitate" calls up the conditions of use in Englisch.
The whole dataset is devided into several parts "Partes" which can be called up by clicking the icon representing a portion of sections. The number of the part and the sections belonging to it are given below the icons,
e.g. 9: 1376-1410 means part 9 with the sections from 1376 to 1410 (original section numbers of the VHP apply).

Below these images you find:
a section demonstrating orientation a navigation bar this image the VHP - Logo
Copyright H. Jastrow

Clicking this
mini X-ray or
the text " X-RAY"
calls up the page
with x-ray images*
The data source:
Logo of the Visible Human Project
from the National Library of Medicine (U.S.A.)
? = ?
Explanation below!

The orientation of the sections agrees to
the standard established in Radiology,
i.e. you look at the sections
from below

and date of first
* not available in the internet version

The symbols of the navigation bar
? = ?
motion pictures of
the sections, CT-
and MR-images
anatomical terms
of the

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