Homo sapiens dissecatus
The dissected human
Visible Human male - Sectiones transversales
transverse sections of the Visible Human male

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Editor: Dr. H. Jastrow
Information and instructions in English 
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pages providing animations
general information:
Animations are sequences of single images that simulate either movement through a stack of images or rotation of reconstructed objects. They are provided in different kinds of compressed data files. Resolution and quality of the compression depends on the version of the atlas. The AVI files usually can be opened with any browser. The MOV (= Quicktime animations; trademark of Apple Computers Inc.) can be viewed with different plugins, e.g. Quicktime Plugins (trademark of Apple Computers Inc.) or opened with the Windows Media Player (trademark of Microsoft Inc.). If the file type is mp4, a MPEG-4 Codec is necessary for viewing. The size of the files is given for the professional version. This means in the student or www version they are much smaller. To load an animation click on the given file type and  size.

contents of the animation overview page:
The headline gives the dataset (male or female) and the orientation. The terms explained now are visible between the animated sections:
Homo sapiens dissecatus means atlas of human sections
Visible Human male - Sectiones transversales tells us, that the transverse (axial) sections shown in this atlas derive from the Visible Human Project (VHP). The author and editor is H. Jastrow.
Click "? Info" to call up the main information page allowing to choose the language in which you want to get the instruction pages of the atlas.
Click "Conditiones pro utilitate" to view the conditions of use in English.
The small images and the adjacent text demonstrate which kind of animation or motion picture page is linked to the text:
on the left: Sectiones frontales*; click on the text to load the page with animations showing sequences of frontal sections which were calculated from the transverse originals.
centre: Sectiones transversales; This text calls up the page providing motion pictures through parts of - or the entire* axial digital sections.
Regiones**; click on this text for loading the page that offers different animated image sequences of details of the transverse sections in very high resolution, e.g. the orbit or basal ganglia.
Computer Tomography (CT); the word Ossa is linked to the page with motion pictures through the bone CTs whereas "Partes molles" is linked to another page providing different animations of the available soft-tissue CTs.
Nuclear magnetic resonance tomography (NMR); a click on this text loads the page of motion pictures through the NMR.
Reconstructiones**; this text is linked to a page that offers animations of 3D reconstructions of different structures.
on the right: Sectiones sagittales*; click on the text to load the page with motion pictures of sagittal sections which were calculated from the transverse originals.
*  available in the professional- and student version of the atlas only.
** complete animations included in the professional version only.
structure of the pages with animations:
The top of these pages is identical with the animation overview page (see above).
The title informs about the kind of motion pictures. The small images and their text give the region or the theme of the animation loaded by clicking the file type or size which is also given.

Below the images you find:
a section demonstrating orientation (only on pages with axial images) a navigation bar the VHP-logo
Copyright holder
The data source:
Logo of the Visible Human Project
from the National Library of Medicine (U.S.A.)
left: Link to the index page of the atlas
centre: Link to the animation overview page
right: Link to the homepage of the workshop

The orientation of the sections agrees to
the standard established in Radiology,
i.e. you look at the sections
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