Homo sapiens dissecatus
The dissected human
Visible Human male - Sectiones transversales
transverse sections of the Visible Human male

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page with X-ray images
general information:
The x-ray images of the visible human male were generated from the 16 Bits of gray original data files. They are shown in up to 3 different scales of brightness. Bones can be better seen in the dark images whereas soft tissue structures are best visible in the bright pictures. Images were cropped to regions with visible content resulting in different sizes of corresponding X-ray pictures. Unfortunately, the original image data had no optimal histogram. Therefore the quality of some parts of bones is poor. All X-ray images were cleaned from artifacts as far as possible. Some images provide L (left) and R (right) for orientation.
page contents:
Visible human male: X-RAY means X-ray images of the visible human male
Clicking the small images, below which the visible regions are given, calls up the linked picture in high resolution:
Caput - head region,
Thorax - thorax,
Humerus - upper arm,
Radius & Ulna - forearm,
Carpus - region of carpus,
Abdomen - abdomen,
Pelvis - pelvis,
Femur - thigh,
Genu - knee,
Crura - shank.
Images showing only one side: (dexter) means on the right; (sinister) on the left.

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Data source: Logo of the Visible Human Project from the National Library of Medicine (U.S.A.)

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