Homo sapiens dissecatus
The dissected human
Visible Human male - Sectiones transversales
transverse sections of the Visible Human male

of use
Editor: Dr. H. Jastrow
Information and instructions in English 
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pages with labelled original sections

The headline gives the used dataset (male or female), the orientation and the section number of the Visible Human Project.
e.g.: Visible Human male: Sectio transversalis 1008 means axial section number 1008 of the VH-male.
Here you see the labelled original digitized section
in a size adapted to a screen
resolution of 1,600 x 1,200 pixels
on neutral
black background

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conditions of use
Data protection policy & Imprint
Names of those who
labelled the section

Data source: Logo of the Visible Human Project from the National Library of Medicine (U.S.A.)

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