Animations of pineal synaptic bodies (SBs)

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mixed group of SBs consisting of 
plate-like, spherical and irregular SBs 
(pinealocyte of a guinea-pig kept 
under normal light conditions, i.e. 12 h 
light - 12 h darkness, light on at 6.00 am)
"paired ribbon field" = group of SBs opposite 
to each other on the cell membranes of 2 
adjacent pinealocytes. Note the shield-like 
stucture of the SBs (guinea-pig kept under 
constant illumination for 4 months)
greater, lump-like, bizarre SBs 
facing each other and being attached 
to the plasmalemma of 2 neighbouring 
pinealocytes (guinea-pig kept under 
constant illumination for 4 months) 
This is supplemental material for
Bizarre alterations of the morphology of pineal synaptic bodies under constant light and an evaluation of suitable 3D-reconstruction software.
Micron Volume 35, Issue 8: 655-670 (Sept. 2004). Abstract

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