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Privatdozent Dr. med. habil. Holger Jastrow
specialist in Anatomy, organizer & editor of the
Workshop Anatomy for the Internet
Institute of Anatomy & scientific employee of the
Electron microscopy unit of the Imaging Center Essen
of the University Duisburg-Essen
Member of the scientific staff council of the University Clinic Essen
Room No. 40, 3rd floor, building "Institutsgruppe 1" Part A
Virchowstrasse 171, 45147 Essen, Germany
University Clinic Essen
Postal address: Hufelandstraße 55
D-45122 Essen, Germany
Phone: ++49 201 723 85746
E-mail: holger.jastrow@uk-essen.de
commercial homepage: www.drjastrow.de

and posters
responsible for
Aquisition of electron microscopic images
online slides of the course of microscopic anatomy
Subjects of interest & research:
example of a stereo 3D reconstruction
of a human rod terminal
Co-operations & partners

teaching offers for students & people interested in Anatomy:
section of the spinal chord labelled in detail
Workshop Anatomy for the internet
  • Electron microscopic atlas in the Internet
  • Atlas of human gross anatomy

  •   (1878 visible human male sections, CT-, MRI, labelled sections, movies)
  • Vocabulary of gross anatomy
  • Vocabulary of microscopic anatomy
  • Clinical Anatomy
  • Anatomical internet links
  • skull base labelled in detail

       last update 1/2018