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A. Opthalmology
opthalmoscopic views:
Retina optic nerve papilla 1 optic nerve papilla 2 3D-stereo view of a papilla

--> electron microscopic images of human retina

B. Ear - Nose and Throat / Phoniatry and Paedaudiology
laryngoscopy: Any non strictly private use requires a written permission!
Vocal cords movie of coughing
avi 51MB!
movie of singing
avi 104MB!
explanation picture,
high resolution movies
stroboscopic movie
movies were kindly provided by Prof. Dr. med. A. Keilmann, Clinic for Communication disorders, university clinic Mainz.
Copyright H. Jastrow - For a licensed version send an e-mail, please

C. Dentistry
in occlusion Praemolars & Molar (X-ray)

--> electron microscopy of teeth

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