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Overview Ileum (Ileum):
Pages with explanations are linked to the text below the images if available! (Labelling is in German)
enterocytes with
microvilli (rat) 
tip of a villus
microvilli and 
terminal web (rat)
basis of a crypt
detail: Paneth cells (rat) lysozym-containing
vesicles (rat)
detail thereof
enterocyte nucleus
with pores (rat)
eosinophilic granulo-
cyte in epithelium (rat)
Detail thereof: eosi-
nophilic granulocyte
telophase of a mitosis
of an epithelial cell (pig)
detail tereof mitosis of an
epithelial cell (pig)
anchored microvilli 3
Ileum (monkey)
anchored microvilli 4
enterocyte ileum (monkey)
anchored microvilli 5
ileum (monkey)
microvilli and
glycocalyx ileum (monkey)

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