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Overview epithelium (Epithelium):
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single layered flat epithelium
(capillary endothelium, rat)
single layered flat epithelium (SFE)
(endothelium heart capillary, monkey)
(Pneumocyte 1 rat)
SFE (kidney,
Henle's loop, monkey)
single layered follicle
epithelium (ovary, rat)
sensory epithelium, Corti's
organ (inner ear, guinea pig)
sensory epithelial cell +
stereocilia (Corti's organ)
single layered
columnar epithelium
(colon, rat)
colonocyte detail:
microvilli, glycocalyx 
single layered columnar epithelium
= SCE, nearly devoid of microvilli
(gall bladder, monkey)
SCE without microvilli
vesicular gland (rat)
SCE with kinocilia + microvilli
(ovarian tube, rat)
SCE with kinocilia
bronchus (rat)
cubic epithelial cells with microvilli of
a proximal tubule (kidney, monkey)
cubic epithelial cell, distal
convolut (kidney, monkey)
cubic epithelial cell of
a bile duct (liver, monkey)
cubic pigment epithelium
(retina, monkey)
cubic pigment epithelial cell
(human retina)
polyhedral hepatocyte
(liver, monkey)
urothelium of the
ureter (pig)
detail: pseudostratified transitional epithelium
slightly stretched with cubic cells
detail: cubic
umbrella cell
stratified cornified flat
epithelium (skin, rat)
stratified non-keratinized flat epithelium
(vagina, pig)
similar epithelium
(oesophagus, rat)
pseudostratified columnar epithelium of the
deferent duct close to the bladder (monkey)
detail thereof: sparse
microvilli on the surface
germinal epithelium of a semi-
niferous tubule (testis, rat)
detail thereof: blood
testis barrier (rat)
columnar epithelium + stereocilia
(Ductus epididymidis, monkey)

Definition: An epithelium is a close association of cells lacking notable amounts of intercellular substance.
Most epithelia cover inner or outer surfaces of organs or form glands. The aspect of the uppermost cells, order of cell nuclei and eventual presence of layers is the base for classification.
Classification and presence of epithelia:
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 simple (single layered) pseudostratified  stratified
- peritoneum
- endocard
- pericard
- Rete testis
- endothel of vessels
- alveolar epithelium
- kidney: Bowmann's capsule
- kidney: intermediate tubule
- posterior corneal epithelium
- mucosa of the ear drum
- inner surface of the tympanic membrane
- intercalary ducts of salivary glands
- ovary: priordial follicle epithelium
transitional epithelium
- kidney: renal pelvis
- kidney: calices renales
- ureter
- urinary bladder
- urethra, initial part only
- epidermis
- external auditory canal
- nasal vestibulum
- Introitus vaginae
- Papillae filiformes
- oral cavity
- pharynx
- esophagus
- anus
- vagina
- anterior corneal epithelium
- female urethra (distal part)
- gingiva
- male urethra (Fossa navicularis)
- epithelium of the amnion
- choriod plexus
- some renal tubuli
- small bile ducts
- pigment epithelium of the retina
- thyroid gland
- liver
- parathyroid gland
- adrenal gland
- ovary: primary follicle epithelium
- placenta: vili of the chorion
without surface specialisations
- salivary glands
- seminal gland
- Kidney: collecting ducts
- Kidney: papillary duct
- hepatic duct
- Eye: epithelium of the lens
with  cilia
- uterine tube
- uterus
with microvilli
- enterocytes of the gut
- gall bladder (few microvilli)
- uterus
columnar with 2 raws of nuclei
- nasolacrimal duct
- auditory tube
- excretory ducts of large salivary glands
with stereovilli
- epididymal duct
- initial part of deferent duct

columnar with multiple raws of nuclei
lacking cilia
- end of deferent duct
with cilia (ciliated epithelium)
- respiratory region of the nose
- paranasal sinuses
- laryngeal face of epiglottis
- nasal face of soft palate
- upper epipharynx
- larynx
- trachea
- bronchies
- bronchiols
- testis: Ductuli efferentes
with stereovilli
- intermediate part of deferent duct
- outer and inner hair cells
- cells of the macula and crista

- parotid duct
- Fornix conjunctivae
- Caruncula lacrimalis
- female urethra (intermediate part)
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