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Overview tight junction (Zonula occuldens):
Pages with explanations are linked to the text below the images if available! (Labelling is in German)
Zonula occludens = tight junction
(detail of a larger image, monkey)
tight junction in a juctional
complex (monkey)
junctional complex, tight 
junction, desmosome (monkey)
junctional complex with e
desmosomes (rat)
tight junction of the blood
liquor barrier (rat)
Zonula occuldens et adhaerens
human pharyngeal tonsil 1
idem + terminales web
human pharyngeal tonsil 2
tight junction human
pharyngeal tonsil 3
tight junction 
human pharyngeal tonsil 4
Tight junction
human pharyngeal tonsil 5
tight junction basi-
lar membrane (rat) 1
tight junction basi-
lar membrane (rat) 2
tight junction between 2
hepatocytes (rat) 1
tight junction between 2
hepatocytes (rat) 2

An English page with detailed information and images is available in the professional version of this atlas.

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Two images were kindly provided by Prof. H. Wartenberg; other images, page & copyright H. Jastrow.