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Overview fusiform densitiy (Corpusculum densum):
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longitudinal section of a
smooth muscle cell (monkey)
smooth muscle cell,
actin filaments (monkey)
organelles + actin filaments
smooth muscle cell (monkey)
smooth muscle cell in
cross-section (monkey)
Corpuscula densa
longitudinal (human)
cross sectioned fusi-
form densities (human)
Fusiform densities or dense oval bodies (Terminologia histologica: Corpusculae densae) are electron-dense regions within the filaments of smooth muscle cells. The areas are about 500 nanometers (nm) in length and have a thickness of ~100 nm. They consist of densely packed actin filaments tighted together with alpha-actinin. They are stable structures of the cytoskeleton and resemble the Z-disks of striated muscle cells. They also resemble dense bodies with the difference that they are never attached to the cell membrane but lie in the interior of the cytoplasm.

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