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Overview smooth muscle (Textus muscularis non striatus):
Pages with explanations are linked to the text below the images if available! (Labelling is in German)
longitudinal section of a
smooth muscle cell (monkey)
smooth muscle cell,
actin filaments (monkey)
organelles + actin filaments
smooth muscle cell (monkey)
X-section of smooth
musculature (monkey)
smooth muscle cell in
cross-section (monkey)
actin filaments & area
densa, smooth muscle cell 2 (rat)
noradrenergic innervation of
a smooth muscle cell (rat)
smooth mucle cells of the
wall of an arteriole (monkey)
wall of an arteriole in longi-
tudinal section (rat)
larger arteriole with 2 layers
of smooth muscle cells (rat)
arteriole (rat) smooth muscle cell of the wall of a vein
smooth muscle cells
deferent duct (monkey)
smooth muscle cells
seminal gland (rat)
s.m. longitudinal +
x-section ureter (pig)
s.m. Tunica muscu-
laris, vagina (pig)
endothelial cells below smooth muscle
cells, esophagus (pig)
striated + smooth m..
esophagus (pig)
detail therof (s.m.
on the right)
area densa + actin filaments
of a smooth muscle cell (rat)
dense bodies and caveols
of a smooth muscle cell (rat)

--> Details of smooth muscle cells: Areae densae, Corpuscula densa, caveols
--> Information on muscle tissues
--> Electron microscopic atlas Overview
--> Homepage of the workshop

Some images were kindly provided by Prof. H. Wartenberg; other images, page & copyright H. Jastrow.