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human mast cell in connective tissue of human toe subcutis
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C = cytoplasm (cellular fluid); Dp = Diaphragma pori (tiny diaphragm which covers a Pnu);
Ec = euchromatin; F = fibrocyte (resting cell of connective tissues); Hc = heterochromatin;
Ko = collagen fibres: Ko1 longitudinally running  - Ko2 cross-sectioned; Mas = mast cell;
Me = membrane of secretory vesicles [Vs]; Mi = mitochondria (crista-type); Mn = Membrana nuclearis (nuclear membrane);
N = nucleus; Pnu = Porus nuclearis (nuclear membrane pore); Ps = Pseudpodia (pseudopods);
RER = rough endoplasmic reticulum; Va = Vacuole (lipid droplet); Vs = Vesiculae secreti (secretory vesicles containing the
biogen amines histamine and heparine which are released in case of inflammatory or allergic reactions.
The metachromatic vesicles are basophilic and are rapidly exocyted e.g., in case of allergic reactions when
immunglogulin E (IgE) which is released by plasma cells binds to receptors on the cell membrane of the mast cell.
* = spiral protein structures inside a mast cell vesicle [Vs] which are typical for human mast cell vesicles only.

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