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idealised mammal cell with organelles, junctions etc. (sheme)
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1 nucleus 1a euchromatin 1b heterochromatin
and chromatin granules
2 nucleolus 3 nuclear membrane 4 nuclear pore
5 free and RER-bound
ribosomes (Nissl body)
 6 rough endoplasmic
retikulum (RER)
7 smooth endoplasmic
retikulum (SER)
M i t o c h o n d r i a :
8a crista-type 8b tubular-type 8c saccular type
9 centriol
(longitudinal & X-section)
10 Golgi-apparatus 11 Golgi-vesicle 12 endocytotic vesicle (Pinosome
= Clathrin coated vesicle)
13 lysosomes
(fuses with 12 to become 14)
14 heterolysosome
15 telolysosomes
(residual bodies)
16 multivesicular body 17 multilamellar body 18 peroxysome 19 secretory vesicle 20 microtubules
21 actin filaments                            at the Z-disc
in a microvillus                                of skeletal muscle
22 intermediate filaments
(e.g. at desmosomes)
 23 terminal web 24 glycogen granules 25 lipid droplets 26 synapse
27 synaptic bodies
(synaptic ribbons)
28 cell membrane with glycocalyx 29 intercellular space 30 bile capillary 31 tight junction
= zonula occludens
32 belt desmosome
= zonula adhaerens
33 adhesive strip
= fascia adhaerens
34 punctum adhaerens 35 spot desmosome
= macula adhaerens
36 hemidesmosome 37 gap junction
= nexus
38 microvilli with
39 kinocilia                     cilia 40 basal body (X-section) 41 root fibres on
basal bodies
42 stereocilia 43 basement menbrane
lamina basalis
44 digitations
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